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The melding of creatvie thought and inspiration
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The Story of how the first people came to Havenland, and the story of the Akasians 
1st-May-2006 11:38 pm

The First tribe
By Acumenious

The story of the first tribe is a very old one, but has been carefully passed down the generations by those we now call the Akasians. It is told proudly and held as evidence to their eternal strength and other such things. The story itself starts in the time of migration of the north. The Ice and cold had only just begun to creep over the world. One of the groups taking the great journey was the first tribe, It is said that they were drawn to the peninsula by the only land marks in sight, great peaks that we call today the shield mountains. At the time they were lost and in need of both direction and whatever food they might find as they got nearer to the mountains. Once they came closer they found the pass into Havenland, that which we now call the pass of ice. Beyond it lay green life and warmth. Paradise! What they had been searching for, so the tribe moved in and set of residence, and sent word to the groups behind them. When word came to the second tribe of a place of warmth beyond the mountains they moved forth to discover it for themselves. They traveled many days and once they to traveled through the pass they found only destruction. Where the first tribe once had been, there was death. There were no bodies but there was blood, it stained the ground and trees alike. In the midst of torn and broken shelters there was one, one small child that had survived. The tribesmen surrounded him, not sure if he was alive or just a ghost of a people gone. Finally the boy awoke and stared u at those who surrounded him, not once did he make a sound. A moment later a mother picked his up and they left that place of death. He was called Akassa, or one with death, for no one truly knew why he alone had survived. He was given to a family who had lost their child and was raised as their own.
The Tribe set up camp just outside the pass, for despite the danger, they could not abandon such a resource completely. So as the years went by there camp became a community, growing from the sustenance brought by hunting parties sent into the peninsula. These parties almost always came back unscathed, with only a few exceptions. Over these years also Akassa had grown into a man, he never spoke, but always insisted upon going with the hunting parties once he was old enough. On one such venture into the forested interior of the peninsula Akassa accompanied, they became lost after tracking game, and were not able to find their way back to the pass before nightfall. This was known to mean death, so although they feared the fate of those lost, the tribesmen dare not attempt a rescue until morning. So they waited and hoped, dire hopes that had yet to come true for any lost party. But once the sun arose they did as they always did on such instances, and went in search of those they had no real chance of finding. As they came through the pass they saw something completely unexpected. Through the shadows of the trees emerged a man covered in blood that did not seem entirely his own. But more surprising still was what he dragged behind him. Such a thing looked as though it had come from a nightmare, and truthfully such a thing had lived within the dreams of one man for all his life, Akassa. And it was he who dragged this dreadful thing behind him. He came before the search party and stood on shaky legs. They asked of him then
“The others?” and he answered with one word only, perhaps the first word they ever heard him speak, he said,
“Dead” and then he collapsed and was carried back to the village.

When he awoke he was brought to the village elders, they stood encircling the body of the beast that Akassa had killed. He stood for a moment before them and then one of the elders spoke to him.
“What happened to you companions?” Akassa spoke slowly and clearly knowing that he spoke to the whole tribe
“We were caught at night still within the forest, and one by one my companions were taken without a sound”
“How then did you survive” asked the same elder
“I managed to make it to a clearing, and when I turned I saw that beast leap towards me.” He indicated the dead thing that lay upon the ground. “At that moment I thrust my spear forward, and threw its chest it went, As it lay upon the ground I cut its throat with my knife.” He laid his fingers on the handle of the blade at his side. “With its blood upon me no other creature would attack.” The elders then spoke quietly amongst themselves for a time, and then finally turned to Akassa once more
“You have been lucky for the second time in your life, Akassa.” He said the name with a loud whisper. “But we have decided that you have faced death to many times and you are forbidden to go with another hunting party.” And with that the elders begin to walk away but were interrupted by Akassa.
“Wait, don’t you understand what this means? Don’t any of you understand what this means?” He addressed the rest of the tribe. “These things that have hunted us, these things that have murdered our people, these things that destroyed my entire tribe, they are not shadows, not phantoms, they can be killed!” Around him was a stir of voices as the people attempted to make sense of this revelation. The head elder stepped forward and shouted to the people.
“Listen not to this one who has made a pact with death, for he will lead you down a dark path that you may never return.” Akassa only waited for silence and calmly said.
“The Elders do not speak for the well being of our people, they speak out of fear, fear of losing their way of life, and fear of what may lie beyond. The Elders say I will lead you down a path of darkness, the path of darkness is one of living in fear, scrounging for scarps in this frozen wasteland. No, I speak of taking back the land of my tribe and being the hunted no longer!” And with that went up a roar from the people. And so it went that many followed him as he adorned his blood stained hide, and took up a torch and marched on towards the peninsula, leaving those behind that did not believe his words or thought Akassa a phantom himself.

The line of swaying spears and torches reached the forest’s edge at dusk, and it was then that Akassa turned and said,
“Let us cleanse the land of these foul beasts.” And then he set his torch to a clump of dry grass near the bottom of a tree. Others did the same and soon the edge of the forest was ablaze. They did not have to wait long before dark shapes began to leap from the flames, but with superior numbers and Akassa as their leader, each of these were slain. This went on all though the night with few deaths of a tribesmen. When morning came only smoldering stumps and carcasses remained of the forest and its inhabitants. And it is in this place that men made their first successful community.
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