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History of The Galaxy: Part 1
The founding

This is a possible worldbuilding-writing project for my webgroup The Playground of the Mind Project . I’ve been refining some of these ideas into a sort of a timeline for an offshoot of human society that establishes itself in an entirely different galaxy.

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It still needs work, but hey that's why it’s a project! Anyone whose interesting in joining the project and writing in this or other universes, just check out the link!
9th-Sep-2006 10:13 pm - The Keeper’s Assistant
I'm not sure where this fits in but hey I might as well post it!

The Keeper’s AssistantCollapse )
Our Fist Shared universe idea loosely based on a D&D universe that my friends and I created. Below are some started facts for writes interested in exploring this place through their own work. It is ever growing and to some extent left open ended, after all it is a shared universe, therefore I don't want to come up with EVERYTHING myself!

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